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U.S Based Fanuel Chirombo Seeking Books for Zimbabwe Schools

Fanuel Chirombo

Many Zimbabweans normally struggle to adjust to a new environment when they decide to live in various nations.

Fanuel Chirombo, is among people who encountered some cultural shock when he decided to live in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

Chirombo was born in Mushawasha near Muchakata Business Centre in Masvingo province. He did his early education at Murambwi Primary School and high school studies in the same province.

Chirombo says when he went to America armed with his Zimbabwean education, he thought he could just easily fit into the American system, but was disappointed to learn that the country valued its qualifications more than any other nation’s diplomas and degrees.

“The fact that you have to change your qualifications to meet their own qualifications, those are some of the challenges that are met by Zimbabweans who relocate,” says Chirombo.

He then decided to upgrade his qualifications by doing two masters degrees. He is now studying for a PhD while working as a librarian at the University of Maryland.

“I then did my Masters in Library Science and Masters in Management programs. My PhD is on organizational leadership.”

Chirombo did not forget his roots after finally settling in Maryland as he started sourcing books and soccer uniforms for Murambwi Primary School.

This Thursday a consignment of more than 500 books sourced from Salisbury University in Maryland is expected to be shipped to Zimbabwe's Midlands State University.

“My belief in education is the main reason why I am trying to equip Zimbabwean schools with books.” He adds.

Chirombo’s love for Zimbabwe does not end with sourcing books for Zimbabwean schools only. In America he has done a lot in making sure that Zimbabweans get together through organizations he helped set up.

He is a founding member of the Zimbabwe Family Society, geared to promote the Zimbabwean culture in America among Zimbabweans. He also participates in many other activities involving Zimbabweans.

His parting words, "Education does not end. I believe in continuing education because things keep on changing in life."

Interview With Fanuel Chirombo
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