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Opposition Parties Attack Grace Mugabe for Giving Zimbabweans Freebies

Zimbabwe First Lady Grace Mugabe.
Zimbabwe First Lady Grace Mugabe.

Some opposition parties in Zimbabwe say First Lady Grace Mugabe should stop issuing free food handouts, which are benefiting mostly Zanu PF supporters.

All the Movement for Democratic Change formations, Zapu, Mavambo Kusile Dawn Party and the People’s Democratic Party say these food handouts are not empowering people, who need long-term projects for their survival.

For perspective, Studio 7 spoke to Zanu PF activist Goodson Nguni and George Mkhwanazi, deputy spokesperson of the People’s Democratic Party.

Nguni said Mrs. Mugabe is doing the right thing. “It is good that we have a first lady who does such things on behalf of the president. We have seen that whenever there is a disaster in some countries the first lady of America (for example) goes on Airforce One and distributes food sourced from the American people.

“We should not be surprised when such a thing happens and we should be grateful that we have a president that is very concerned about the people, a president who can send his wife who is a politician in her own right to go and give people what the government has acquired.”

Nguni said such food handouts are accessed by all Zimbabweans

But Mkhwanazi dismissed these remarks saying “it must be made clear that this gallivanting has nothing to do with the people of Zimbabwe. It has nothing to do with the country, this is a party business.

“This is a party that is trying to promote its fortunes by abusing the fact that people are going through a difficult time as well as abusing state resources to distribute to that the party so that it can be popular.”

He noted that at these rallies, the party members chant slogans before receiving food handouts sourced from Brazil and China.

Interview With Goodson Nguni And George Mkhwanazi
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