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Zimbabwe Civil Servants Divided Over Fresh Salary Demands

  • Jonga Kandemiiri

PTUZ is opposed to ZIMTA's proposal of a monthly salary of $988 for the lowest paid teacher.
Divisions are emerging within the civil servants following a proposal made by the Zimbabwe Teachers Association to Labour Minister, Nicholas Goche, last week that a qualified teacher should get at least $988 a month.

This is contrary to a blue print document that was agreed upon by all the representatives of public workers last month indicating that the entry point for civil servants in the lowest grade should be equivalent to Zimbabwe’s breadline currently estimated at $540 per month.

But ZIMTA chief executive officer, Sifiso Ndlovu, said their demand is for members of his organization and is designed to create a high salary entry point for teachers.

Ndlovu noted that what they are demanding is meant to match salaries of civil servants in southern African countries like Botswana and South Africa.

Public Service Association executive secretary Emmanuel Tichareva said they support ZIMTA’s demands as they feel that salaries should be more than the nation's current poverty datum line for an urban family of six amounting to $540 a month.

But Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe general secretary Raymond Majongwe said they are opposed to what ZIMTA is now demanding as it was against their agreement of speaking with one voice as civil servants.