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Zimbabwe Parties Make Last Minute Political Pitches Ahead of Crucial Elections

Nelson Chamisa at White City Stadium in Bulawayo. (Photo: Tobias Mudzingwa)
Nelson Chamisa at White City Stadium in Bulawayo. (Photo: Tobias Mudzingwa)

Rutendo Mawere

Political parties in Zimbabwe are in their last moments of campaigning for this week’s elections.

The competition is mainly between the ruling party Zanu PF and the Citizens Coalition for Change, which is the only opposition that has fielded contestants for all 210 constituencies.

ZANU PF held its last presidential campaign rally Saturday saying they are confident they will win the elections.

In Zimbabwe, the presidential candidate of the ruling party, ZANU PF, Emmerson Mnangagwa, says voters will return them to power – despite opposition political parties accusing it of ruining the country.

“Zanu PF is ready to yet again receive the full endorsement and mandate of the people of Zimbabwe during the 23rd August harmonized elections. We need more time for us to build our motherland Zimbabwe.”

President Mnangagwa came into power through a military coup in 2017 and was declared winner of the 2018 elections.

During the campaign rally, President Mnangagwa also warned international observers in the country and said they should stick to their mandate and not meddle in the country’s electoral processes.

A Zanu PF supporter who was at the rally, Rosemary Murwisi, believes her party will romp to victory.

“I strongly believe we are going to win the elections without any doubt because we have our President behind us in everything that we dream of. He is a good leader, and everything he does he thinks about his people. You can see the development he has done.”

However, opposition supporter Jeff Chaitezvi, tells VOA that Zanu PF has failed and that he wishes for a new government.

“Five years to do what? He has failed the country dismally politically, socially and economically. The country is fractured because of the Mnangagwa government. There is no need for them to need another five years. We need change in Zimbabwe, we need change of government, and we need new leaders with new ideas.”

Zanu PF’s main rival, the Citizens Coalition for Change, will be holding its last rally on Monday in Harare.

Zimbabwe will hold presidential, parliamentary and council elections on August 23.