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Zimbabwean Black Farm Owners Appear in Court Following Eviction of Obert Mpofu from Lucrative Land

Zephania Dhlamini, Siphosami Malunga and Charles Moyo outside Tsholotsho Magistrates' Court

Zimbabwean police have arrested some directors of a black-owned commercial farm where Zanu PF secretary for administration, Obert Mpofu, was ordered by the court to vacate the land he wrestled from three businessmen, including a son of a national hero.

In a tweet, Siphosami Malunga said, "Last night my co-directors at Esidakeni Farm were arrested.This is blatant abuse of power, state resources, institutions & officials. Aim is to undermine judicial decisions by the High & Supreme Courts; politically persecute us & violate our fundamental rights. We are not afraid.

“There was no need to arrest them after our lawyers had arranged with the Nyamandlovu Police Officer in Charge Matangi to present ALL of us at the same time. Why arrest them on Sunday night when they knew we were going there. I too will present myself. We have done nothing wrong!”

Malunga also claimed that Mpofu has gone back to the farm even if he was ordered to leave by the Supreme Court.

“We are informed that as we are being prosecuted today in Tsholotsho @ObertMpofu has returned to Esidakeni farm and also re-installed his armed guards. All in defiance of High & Supreme Court orders. No prizes for guessing who's behind all this.”

Zephania Dhlamini an Charles Mpofu are facing charges of occupying the farm without government permission. The three bought it from a commercial farmer, who now lives in Australia.

Malunga is the son of national hero, Sydney Malunga.

Mpofu claimed that he was given the part of the farm by the Ministry of Lands a year ago.

He was unavailable for comment.