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CCC: Zanu PF Thugs Unleash Orgy of Violence Against Our Members in Mutoko

One of the injured CCC supporters in Mutoko. (Photo Credit/Fadzai Mahere, CCC)
One of the injured CCC supporters in Mutoko. (Photo Credit/Fadzai Mahere, CCC)

Zimbabwe’s opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) led by Nelson Chamisa says some of its members were beaten up by suspected Zanu PF supporters on Saturday.

In a tweet, CCC spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere said, “Zanu PF thugs unleashed an orgy of violence against our members in Mutoko today. We condemn the continued escalation of political violence against our members. This persecution must stop!”

Mahere did not say how many CCC activists were injured.

Reacting to Mahere’s tweet, Musi Matimura, condemned the attack saying there is need to end political violence in Zimbabwe.

Matimura said, “This is not right! I hope a report was made to the police. We want peace, perfect peace, in our country. I blame the political leadership on both sides. It is failing to lead by example. We don’t expect this 42 years after independence.”

Another follower of the tweet, Costa Nkomo, said, “This is sad. No single citizen deserves this kind of treatment over a political choice.”

He noted that “Zimbabwe should graduate from the political violence culture. Violence is a sign of weakness.”

Tafadzwa echoed his views, saying, “Being the majority CCC must create liberated zones in these rural areas. 1000 strong man cannot be bullied by paid 20 intoxicated youths. Create liberated zones.

An activist only identified as Mr. Zonde also said, “This is sad news and surprising enough we hear some people with "briefcase political parties " blaming other political parties for not doing enough to solve our problems, they say ZANU is not the problem but the opposition is. Chirudzii?”

Zanu PF information and communications director, Tafadzwa Mugwadi, was unavailable for comment.

Suspected Zanu PF activists recently allegedly killed three CCC supporters, including Moreblessing Ali, whose dismembered body was recovered from a disused well in Nyatsime, Beatrice.

Zimbabwe is preparing for harmonized council, parliamentary and presidential elections.