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Zanu PF Activist Says Kill Chamisa

An unidentified Zanu PF official addressing villagers where he told them to take slogans seriously

A video in which a villager is urging others to fully commit themselves when making Zanu PF slogans related to killing opponents like opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa and his supporters, has gone viral on social media.

In the two-minute video the unidentified Zanu PF supporter in Masvingo tells others “to do exactly what is contained in these slogans.

“When we say down with Muzorewa (Bishop Abel) we mean that he should die. When we say down with a witch we mean that the witch should die. If we say down with a sell out what do we mean? We are saying the person should die.”

The Zanu PF supporter added that “when we say down, down with Chamisa, we are saying he should be killed.

“When we hear people saying down, down with Mashayanyika, we mean that Mashayanyika should be killed. I think you have heard what I’m talking about and for you to respond to these slogans we really mean that someone should be killed. Down with CCC, down with Chamisa and his dogs. We mean it.”

All supporters attending the meeting at the unnamed place responded positively to his sloganeering with one of them adding that “Chamisa’s children should be killed too.”

Reacting to the virual video, Zanu PF communications director Tafadzwa Mugwadi, said, "Sellouts were killed during the war. That explanation is not a lie and there is nothing sinister about it."

Suspected Zanu PF activists recently allegedly killed Moreblessing Ali of the Citizens Coalition for Change and two others. Zanu PF has denied any links with the suspected killers.

The Zimbabwe Peace Projec reports that there are more than 20 incidents of political violence recorded only in June this year.

The ZPP linked most of the incidents on the ruling party, noting that some Zanu PF officials are allegedly involved in intimidating and harassing opposition CCC members in various parts of the country.