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Zimbabwe Court Blocks Exploration of Minerals in Oppenheimer Ranch With 8,000 Cattle, Vibrant Community – News24


News24 reports that the Oppenheimer family has secured a court interdict in Zimbabwe to block mineral exploration at its 65,000-hectare Shangani Ranch cattle ranch in Matabeleland South that has about 8,000 cattle.

The newspaper reports that a Harare judge, Judge Siyabona Paul Musithu, has ruled that a Souther African company, Pearline Mineral Exploration, should stop mining activities at the ranch with rich minerals, including gold, silver, copper, antimony, lead, cobalt, manganese, zinc, nickel, chrome, graphite, and lithium.

According to the newspaper, the Oppenheimers argued in court that the farm has 400 workers and exports beef to the United Kingdom and if therefore the business would be disrupted if the mining activities are allowed on the ranch.

The family also argued that it has an extensive wildlife sanctuary and vibrant community with a well-established school and other infrastructure.

News24 reports that Justice Musithu noted that the mining activities would affect people, the environment, livestock and wildlife.

The Oppenheimers, reports the newspaper, acquired the property in and at that time it had 140,000 hectares. It was cut in half at the height of Zimbabwe’s chaotic land reform program in 2000.

They have other business interests in Africa, which include diamond mining and polishing.