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Zimbabwe Police Say Stay Away Was A Big Flop As NGOs Praise Locals for Pressing Govt to End Transport Monopoly

Police at the National University of Science and Technology
Police at the National University of Science and Technology

The Zimbabwe Republic Police says today's stay away called by some non-governmental organizations and students was a flop despite a declaration by various groups that it forced the government to positively respond to one of their demands of liberalizing the transport sector.

In a tweet, police said most Zimbabweans reported for work while stores and vending sites were fully open and transport operators were ferrying commuters in urban and rural areas.

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition claimed that the stay away was a success.

“The ZRP reports that the situation in the country is normal. The public is urged to report anyone trying to intimidate, harass or threaten members of the public who are peacefully conducting their normal day-to-day activities. Police is ready to ensure that peace continues to prevail throughout the country.”

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition claimed in a series of tweets that the stay away was successful.

Some of the tweets read in part, “#ShutDownZimbabwe victory message. No casualties on side of citizens and very little resources invested. The state is angry and counting losses. Let's build from this victory evaluate and plan next phase. Thank you @zinasuzim for waking us up, let's march on!”

In another tweet showing police at universities nationwide, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition said, “This is a sign that the @ZanuPF regime is panicking. The citizens have spoken, the message has reached them. Should this effort be channeled towards crimes like robbery and murder, Zim would have been a zero crime zone. We'll not tire until fees is reduced @zinasuzim.”

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition applauded citizens for “sending a loud and clear message to the government following the continued deterioration of the socio-economic conditions in the country.

“#ShutDownZimbabwe was a call to action against the misgovernance by the coup juntas. The #ShutDownZimbabwe shall be a continuous process and we will continue to mobilise citizens against misgovernance and corruption Aluta Continua!!! At Mashava campus Great Zimbabwe University there is no learning taking place. Students did not attend lectures. Police officers are roaming around the campus. FAKA PRESSURE!”

The Zimbabwe National Students’ Union also said they were happy about the stay away.

“We called for the Shutdown of all tertiary institutions. Much thanks to Police Zimbabwe for helping us Shutdown NUST in Bulawayo … We will have better public transport & many will be back at work as conductors, drivers, mechanics & supporting many family members The government ZUPCO monopoly was killing us.”