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Parliamentarians Say Mnangagwa Should Appear Before Public Accounts Committee Over Lack of Action on Rampant Corruption

President Emmerson Mnangagwa.
President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

An independent lawmaker and the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee says President Emmerson Mnangagwa should be appear before it to face questions on lack of action on corruption allegations and other issues raised by Zimbabwe’s Auditor General.

In an interview, Norton Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa, said Mnangagwa should give details about his government’s failure to reign in some state officials, including ministers, linked to corruption.

“We expect the president to be called to come face questions on what is happening in his government. His soldiers are busy stuffing their pockets with public funds,” said Mliswa, adding that, “some parliamentarians are scared about summoning the president over issues raised by the Auditor General.”

Mliswa is the chairperson of the African Parliamentarians Against Corruption, an anti-corruption group, which wants the Zimbabwean government to be probed over unaccounted funds amounting to billons of dollars as per the AG Mildred Chiri’s latest report.

Brian Dube, chairperson of the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee, said Mnangagwa should inform Zimbabweans why he was not taking action against alleged rampant corruption in his government.

“The president is expected to tell citizens what is going on in his government. I fully support Mliswa’s suggestions.”

In her report, Chiri said some ministries are failing to account for millions of dollars and indications are that they are not willing to do so in the near future.

Presidential spokesperson, George Charamba, was unavailable for comment.