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Zanu PF Tells EFF Leader Julius Malema to Shut Up on Voting Out Mnangagwa Government

FILE - Tafadzwa Mugwadi, spokesman for the ruling Zanu PF party, seen here July 21, 2020, in Harare, dismissed concerns by Western diplomats as “rubbish,” saying they had no right to lecture Zimbabwe about human rights. (Columbus Mavhunga/VOA)

Zanu PF Says Julius Malema’s Remarks on Zimbabweans to Vote Out ‘Useless’ Mnangagwa Waste of Time

Zanu PF communications director, Tafadzwa Mugwadi, says South Africa’s opposition Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema should not waste his time calling for the removal of the former liberation movement from power as the ruling party and current leadership have massive public support.

Reacting to Malema’s call on Wednesday for Zimbabweans living in South Africa to return home next year to vote out Mnangagwa’s government, Mugwadi said, “Malema does not have a Zimbabwean birth certificate and a Zimbabwe identity document and so we don’t take him seriously. He would have obtained this if he was lucky to be born in Zimbabwe … If he made those remarks, he should know that Zanu PF and Mnangagwa are here, and here to stay with the people of Zimbabwe. He will be a better opposition leader if he knows that.”

Addressing EFF members at a Freedom Day event, Malema said Zanu PF has completely ruined Zimbabwe.

“Zanu PF has destroyed what was a promising land of Zimbabwe. The current leader of Zimbabwe is clueless like the South African leader. They are the same, they are like twins. So, the people of Zimbabwe, we want to make a plea. When you are here is South Africa don’t worry you are at home but when they are elections are home, go there in your numbers. Go and vote and remove that nonsense that is happening in Zimbabwe and come back when you want to come back. You cannot just fold your hands.

“The people of Zimbabwe must rise here is South Africa and go and vote for a proper government in Zimbabwe. If they have to come back, they can come back. They are welcome. No problem. But let’s help each other so that there is a proper government in Zimbabwe and we will have a proper government in South Africa and we become one big family.

He said Zimbabweans should not think that all is well back home as they are in South Africa.

“Let’s not forget that as Zimbabweans we have got a duty back home to deliver a progressive government that will respect human rights, that will make sure the economy of Zimbabwe grows, that will make sure it defeats poverty and unemployment. A developing Zimbabwe is a solution to the problems of South Africa. So, we want to help Africans who are helping themselves.” (VOA Zimbabwe Service Reporters)