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Nelson Chamisa's Citizens Coalition for Change Set for Landslide Victory in Parly, Council By-elections

A Bulawayo resident checking her name on Zimbabwe's voters roll on Saturday. (VOA)
A Bulawayo resident checking her name on Zimbabwe's voters roll on Saturday. (VOA)

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), which was set up two months ago, is heading for a landslide victory in council and parliamentary by-elections held yesterday in Zimbabwe.

Official results announced by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) indicate that CCC has retained almost all parliamentary seats in urban areas.

CCC has conceded defeat in Mutasa South where its candidate got 5,269 votes compared to the ruling party’s candidate who amassed 5,818 votes.

In tweet, CCC said, "We lost this seat to Zanupf.”

CCC leader, Nelson Chamisa, said in a tweet, “This by-election has shown that ultimately all authority comes from the CITIZENS. Citizens are above politicians & their foolish politics. Why did you waste national resources tax payers money? Would these resources not have been deployed to better our health, education sectors?”

Zanu PF says the party will issue a statement after analyzing all the results. There were 28 parliamentary and 105 council seats that were up for grabs nationwide.


Constituency: Mufakose Province: Harare CCC: 4039 Zanupf: 1128 MDC Alliance : 218 Winner: CCC Susan Matsunga

Constituency: Glenview North Province: Harare CCC: 4053 Zanupf: 1578 MDC Alliance : 112 NPF: 20 Winner: CCC Fani Munengami

Constituency: Mutasa South Province: Manicaland CCC: 5269 Zanupf: 5818 MDC Alliance : 162 Independent: 50 Winner: We lost this seat to Zanupf

Constituency: Kambuzuma Province: Harare CCC: 3092 Zanupf: 1333 MDC Alliance : 108 Winner: CCC Willias Madzimure

Constituency: Glen-Norah Province: Harare CCC: 5098 Zanupf: 1552 MDC Alliance : 280 UDA :18 RPZ: 49 Winner: CCC Wellington Chikombo

Constituency: Nkulumane Province: Bulawayo CCC: 2760 Zanupf: 1900 MDC Alliance : 150 DOP:18 RPZ: 45 Winner: CCC Phulu Kucaca

Constituency: Marondera Central Province: Mashonaland East CCC: 6756 Zanupf: 4200 MDC Alliance:292 Independent:55 Winner: CCC Caston Matewu

Constituency: St Mary's Province: Harare CCC: 5830 Zanupf: 4483 MDC Alliance:201 Independent : 55 Winner: CCC Tarusenga Unganayi Dickson

Constituency: Harare East Province: Harare CCC: 7534 Zanupf: 3045 MDC Alliance:114 UZA: 100 LEAD: 25 Winner: CCC Laxton Tendai Biti

Constituency:Dangamvura-Chikanga Province: Manicaland CCC: 13132 Zanupf: 6304 MDC Alliance:341 PZ: 209 MA/AT 57 Winner: CCC Mutseyami Chapfiwa Prosper

Constituency: Pumula Province: Bulawayo CCC: 3092 Zanupf: 1212 MDC Alliance:110 ZAPU:227 UDA: 33 RPZ: 27 Independent: 62 Winner: CCC Mahlangu Sichelesile