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ZEC Says State Security Agents, ZESA Part of Its Electoral Team

FILE: Zimbabwe Electoral Commission start vote counting in Harare after the July 30 elections which the main opposition party Movement for Democratic Change Alliance say was rigged for the ruling ZANU-PF party.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) says it has a right to work with the country’s feared spy network, Central Intelligence Organization (CIO), and other state entities in running local and national elections.

ZEC Chief Elections Officer, Jane Pamhidzirayi Chigiji, told reporters in Harare that “we are allowed by the law to work with state entities including councils, ZESA (Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority, ZINWA (Zimbabwe National Water Authority), security agents and others.”

Pamhidzirayi Chigiji also dismissed reports that ZEC rigs elections in favor of the ruling Zanu PF party.

“This is the reason why many people don’t want to register to vote in our elections and participate in other election-related programs. These political parties claim that ZEC does not conduct free, fair and credible elections. All this is false.”

But Fadzayi Mahere, spokesperson of the Citizens Coalition for Change led by Nelson Chamisa, said Zimbabweans have a right to complain about ZEC’s operations.

“It’s not a crime for people to say that ZEC is not doing the right thing,” said Mahere, adding that Zimbabweans should voice their concerns on issues of national interest.

Mahere cited as an example of the commission’s failures, a case in which ZEC announced a false election result in which Dexter Nduna of Zanu PF was declared winner of the Chegutu West parliamentary election,.

ZEC admitted that it wrongly announced the result of the election and asked MDC Alliance candidate Gift Konjana to seek redress in the courts.

Mahere said, “People are not happy about such issues and as a result they have a right to express their views when such things happen.”

She further noted that state security agents should not be part of the electoral process.

“What is worrying is that ZEC does not treat all the political parties in the same way. The Citizens Coalition for Change is not treated fairly,” said Mahere.

Godwin Mangudya contributed to this article