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VOA Zimbabwe provides the option to search for content on its site and to share content on social media and email.

To search, enter a search request in the space provided and click the ""Search"" button. The search will return a list of documents that match your request. To view a document in the list, click on the link.

- Use ""quotation marks"" around phrases to search for the entire phrase in that order (""Zimbabwe president"")

- Add + in front of any word or phrase to require it be present in the results (poppies +opium)

- Add - in front of any word or phrase to exclude it from results (pension -fund)


- banana pear ""apple pie"" -- either word or phrase can be present

- +apple salad cream -pie - salad, cream can be present; apple must be present; pie must not be present

Special Characters

? matches any single character. appl? matches apply or apple.

= matches any single digit (0-9) === would match any three-digit number.

* matches any number of characters. appl*ion matches application.

~~ indicates numeric range 14~~18 looks for 14, 15, 16, 17 or 18

Non-searchable Characters:

Horizontal Tab, Line Feed, Form Feed, Carriage Return, Space, Backspace, VerticalTab

- ! "" # $ & ' ( ) * + , . / : ; < = > ? [ \ ] ^ ` { | } ~ %"


You can use our 'share' links to add articles to many social bookmarking networks. These networks allow you to save your links and share them with your friends. You can also find more content that you might enjoy or meet people with similar interests.


How can I listen to audio on your site?

Most media players are supported and depending on your computer’s configuration you should be able to play our MP3 files through most players, if properly configured.

If you use a Windows Operating System, the Windows player may be automatically set-up. It is best to use the Windows Media Player 9 or above.

If you use the Real Player, version 10 or higher is suggested.

You need a player to listen. You can download the Real Player or the Windows Media Windows Media Player. Please follow the instructions on those Web sites to set up the players.

What should I do if I select an audio link and the sound doesn’t play?
If your audio player is up to date and you have enough bandwidth, then you may need to change your firewall settings to permit streaming media. Unfortunately, this is configured on a case by case basis. If you are at work or listening at an Internet café, ask the technical administrator for help.

Which browsers do you support? supports nearly all browsers, but the site is optimized for Internet Explorer 7.x and Mozilla Firefox 1.x or 2.x.

How can I make VOA my homepage?
Using Internet Explorer 6 and higher for Windows:
- Open the "Tools" menu and select "Internet Options..."
- The default should be to the “General” tab
- In the top box you should see the “Home Page” section.
- When it says “Address” , enter
- Click "Ok" at the bottom of the window.

Firefox 2.x and higher for Windows:
- Open the "Tools" menu and selection "Options..."
- Select the "Main" tab.
- In the box labeled "Home Page", enter
- Click "Ok" at the bottom of this window.

Firefox 2.x and higher for MacOS X:
- Open the "Tools" menu and selection "Options..."
- Select the "Main" tab.
- In the box labeled "Home Page", enter
- Click "Ok" at the bottom of this window.

If you are still having problems, please e-mail at us for help.