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Zimbabwe Olympic Team Still Chasing Shadows in London

Zimbabwean long distance runner Sharon Tawengwa found the going tough Saturday after an injury forced her to drop out of the Olympic marathon in London.

Tawengwa suffered a leg injury and was forced to drop out of the race. She was one of the 13 runners out of the 118 contestants who dropped out of the marathon.

The race was won by Ethiopia’s Tiki Gelana, who clocked a new Olympic world record of 2 hours, 23 minutes, 7 seconds. Tiki held off Priscah Jeptoo of Kenya by five seconds.

Tatyana Petrova Arkhipova of Russia won the bronze in the rain-soaked marathon.

Zimbabwe now pins its hopes for a medal on male triathlete Chris Felgate set to grace the stage Tuesday in London.

Swimming sensation Kirsty Coventry, rowers Micheen Thorncroft and Jamie Frazer Mckenzie all found the going tough in their respective competitions.

Head of Zimbabwe’s Olympic mission Busi Chindove said although the injury forced Tawengwa to pull out of the marathon she is still a rising athlete with a potential to excel in the next 2016 Rio de Janeiro games.

"Sharon was devastated as she had been looking forward to the race after spending several months training in Kenya with the very best marathon runners," said Chindove.

According to Chindove, the injury is not a career-threatening one. "Sharon will be able to compete in such races in the near future but she is certainly disappointed that she wasn't able to finish that race."

The other Zimbabwean contestants are Wirimayi Zhuwawo and Cuthbert Nyasango expected to take part in the men’s marathon Sunday.