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Zimbabwe's Inflation Slows to 4.3% in January from 4.9% in December

Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions Secretary General Japhet Moyo said slowing inflation was only somewhat helpful to underpaid workers

The Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency says inflation slowed to an annual 4.3 percent rate in January after 4.9 percent in December.

Zimstats said price rises last month were very modest though estate agents and individual property owners hiked rentals by up to 100 percent in January, a move the government condemned, demanding that landlords revert to rates prevailing in December.

But some observers predicted inflation would rise to 6 percent by April with the introduction of a surtax on imported fruits and vegetables.

Economist Eric Bloch said unfavorable weather could also help to drive prices higher.

“Food prices are likely to go up within the next two months due to food shortages caused by lack of rains,” said Bloch.

Japhet Moyo, secretary general of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, said the deceleration of inflation was only somewhat helpful to underpaid workers.