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Zimbabwe's Aviation Authority Boosts Traveler Charges for Airport Upgrades

Passengers who are currently paying service charges including domestic and international departure fees of between US$10 and US$35 will have to fork out an extra US$10 to US$30 as of Sunday, May 2

The Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe has introduced additional airport charges of up to US$30 to fund infrastructure development including the completion of renovations at the Harare International Airport and the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Airport in Bulawayo.

An aviation authority spokesman said a lack of funds forced the authority to introduce the new charges, which will be channeled to an Aviation Infrastructure Development Fund.

The spokesman said passengers now paying domestic and international service charges of US$10 and US$35, respectively, will have to pay an additional US$10 and US$30, respectively, for domestic flights and international departures.

South African-based Fly Magazine publisher Guy Leitch said the charges are in line with international aviation service fees. “There are many airport service charges being paid by travelers worldwide including jet navigation fees, jet fuel tax and others designed to ensure the smooth operations of airports,” Leitch told VOA reporter Gibbs Dube.