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Zimbabweans in London Target Zambian Leader Sata in Mugabe Protest

A group of Zimbabweans demonstrated at the Zambian High Commission in London Wednesday against visiting President Michael Sata, accusing him of meddling in Zimbabwean affairs.

In particular, they expressed outrage at the tough-talking Zambian leader for supporting President Robert Mugabe at the expense of other political parties in the country.

The protest was organized by the Zimbabwe Vigil and meant to coincide with Mr. Sata’s visit to London for Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Armed with a broom they wanted to give Mr. Sata, the protesters said the Zambian leader should not support one political leader over others in Zimbabwe.

Embassy staff refused to accept the broom and a petition from the protesters. The broom, Zimbabwe Vigil coordinator Dumi Tutani explained, symbolized Sata's previous job before he joined politics.

"Mr. Sata used to sweep the floors clean and we want him to clean his mouth when he talks about Zimbabwe," said Tutani. "We will not stop until he changes and starts respecting Zimbabwean people."

Sata has never made secret his support for President Mugabe and Zanu PF. In April, he caused a stir when he chanted Zanu PF slogans while officially opening the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair in Bulawayo.