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South Africa Police Arrest 14 'Illegal' Zimbabwean Immigrants As Kombi Driver Attempts to Bribe State Security Agents

South Africa Police say they have arrested 14 illegal Zimbabwean immigrants packed in a minibus. (Photo: SAPS/Tweet)

South Africa Police report that they have arrested 14 Zimbabweans, who were travelling from their country to South Africa without proper documents.

In a tweet, the South Africa Police Service said, “14 illegal immigrants traveling from Zimbabwe to Gauteng were arrested by Gauteng police during operation #OkaeMolao. The driver was also arrested for bribery after he offered law enforcement officials an amount of money for them to be allowed to go through.”

The Zimbabweans are expected to be deported within the next few days.

South Africa says it has arrested hundreds of Zimbabweans for illegally crossing the country’s border without proper documents in the past few days.

Some South Africans immediately reacted to the tweet with most of them urging state security agents to take tough measures against illegal immigrants fleeing home because of the harsh economic, social and political situation.

One of them identifying himself as Adad said, “They must be charged with being in SA illegally. Prosecuted and sentenced. After serving their sentence, declared undesirable and deported. Banned from coming to SA for 5 years.”

Blackberry Mlaba had no kind words for these Zimbabweans. “Well they should be punished n stay for 6 Months in Lindela so they could think twice to come in SA.”

According to another person who responded to the tweet, identified as Teboh, “The ‘bribe’ part just spoilt it for me. Like you were tempted but managed to resist. You shouldn't even have to mention that. Let's hope proper processes are gonna be followed and those people safely returned to their home country.”

And Mantsha Monageng urged South Africa to “build high walls and reintroduce refugee camps.”

A person believed to be a Zimbabwean identified as EasyGuy noted that “it's painful to be a Zimbabwean, where must we go coz SA is our last hope.”

Thousands of Zimbabweans are leaving home saying they are no longer able to make ends meet despite claims by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government that the country’s economy has improved following the removal from office of former president Robert Mugabe in 2017.