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Zimbabweans Expect Mugabe to Focus on Job Cuts in State of Nation Address

President Robert Mugabe is set to address collapsing economy and massive job cuts.

President Robert Mugabe is expected tomorrow to present his state of the nation address at a time when over 20,000 workers have lost their jobs in the last few weeks and the economy is declining fast due to various factors, including lack of significant foreign direct investment.

Observers and Zanu PF activists say the president is likely to address the massive job cuts, rampant corruption, the country’s ailing economy and efforts being made to implement so-called Chinese mega deals signed a couple of months ago.

But economic commentator Rejoice Ngwenya of the Liberal Market Solutions told VOA Studio the president’s address is a waste of time since the ruling party does not have any clue of reviving the economy.

But Zanu PF parliamentarian, Joseph Tshuma, believes that the president won’t be wasting his time.