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21 Zimbabweans Die in Road Traffic Accidents

Members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

Zimbabwean police say 21 people have died in road traffic accidents in the country since the first day of Easter on Friday.

Zimbabwe Republic Police Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi, who is also the police deputy spokesperson, said most of the deaths are due to human error, including drunken driving.

“We have so far recorded 21 deaths since Friday. Seven people died at the same time last year. This shows that drivers don’t care about pedestrians and other road users. This is worrying. Ten people died yesterday and most of the accidents appear to have been some kind of human error.

“In one of the incidents a person was knocked down by a car and the driver fled. And in another case, a motorist overturned on a bridge when he attempted to overtake a vehicle. This appears to be a case of misjudgement. In other cases, we have notices that some people get involved in such accidents because of drunken driving.”

Many people die in road traffic accidents in Zimbabwe during holidays. According to the Zimbabwe Traffic Safety Board, about 220 traffic accidents were recorded between 2011 and 2016.

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