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Student Group Says Prostitution Still Rife in Universities

President Robert Mugabe's government is not granting students loans and grants due to financial problems. (File Photo)..
The Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) says large numbers of students continue engaging in prostitution and other activities due to Zimbabwe’s current harsh economic environment.

ZINASU spokesman Avoid Masiraha says the situation is pathetic in most universities as students struggle to make ends meet.

“These students have no option. They are forced by circumstances beyond their control to engage in such activities,” he says.

Masiraha says in some cases both male and female students end up getting hooked to this old profession due to high rent and lack of accommodation at universities.

He says the situation is getting worse at Midlands State University and several others where authorities recently hiked accommodation rates from $80 to $250.

Masiraha says the government should seriously consider giving students loans and grants in order to save the future generation.

University authorities acknowledge that prostitution is now rife in some universities and colleges due to economic hardships faced by students. Government says it does not have funds to give students loans and grants.

Former ZINASU executive member, Zacharia Mushawatu says these hardships are a breeding ground for a strong student movement.

“The current situation in Zimbabwe is going to push students to fight for their rights and this will strengthen the student movement. The current government will react to the new student protests with brute force,” says Mushawatu.