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Anti-Corruption Commission Attempts to Nail Prof. Moyo on 'Looted' ZIMDEF Funds

Higher Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo and Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The Anti-corruption Commission has dismissed as misleading claims that some of the money allegedly siphoned by Higher Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo from the Zimbabwe Manpower Fund (ZIMDEF) was used to finance Zanu PF programs.

The chairman of the Commission, Goodson Nguni, told journalists in Harare today that they have found serious irregularities in the use of the ZIMDEF funds, which were supposed to be for college students.

The Commission claims that Professor Moyo used over $200,000 he sourced from ZIMDEF to organize First Lady Grace Mugabe’s nationwide rallies and to stage a so-called Zanu PF Youth League million-man march a few months ago to show solidarity with President Robert Mugabe.

He further claimed that part of the money was used to buy bicycles for people in his constituency facing transport blues.

Another minister has been caught up in a similar situation following claims that he sourced money from Treasury for his personal use.

Zimbabweans have questioned the manner in which money is being siphoned from state coffers with indications that there are no proper checks and balances to block the practice.