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Zimbabwean Exiles Planning Protest Over Doctor's Invasion of Commercial Farm

Map of Zimbabwe

Some Zimbabweans living in the United Kingdom are Friday expected to stage peaceful protests over attempts by a Zimbabwean-born doctor, staying in that country, to take over land owned by a white commercial farmer.

The proposed protests coordinated by Zimbabwe Vigil, an organisation that has been fighting against human rights abuses back home, says it will picket outside a clinic owned by Dr. Sylvester Nyatsuro, a British Citizen of Zimbabwean descent, who recently allegedly seized a farm owned by a white farmer, Phillip Rankin.

Zimbabwe Vigil coordinator Rose Benton says her organization will stage the peaceful protest as a way to show their disapproval of the farm invasion by Dr. Nyatsuro, who is said to be related to President Robert Mugabe’s family.

"We are puzzled why a British doctor should want a farm in Zimbabwe since he and his wife are apparently in full-time employment here and have no known farming experience in a country facing starvation. We are asking the British government to revoke Dr. Nyatsuro's citizenship and we have a petition that we will be sending tor the Premier David Cameroon with this request," said Benton.

"We are appalled that Dr. Nyatsuro wants to take over the farm after police last Friday forced their way into the farm and took away Phillip Rankin who was about to harvest his tobacco crop. We think greediness is the motive driving Dr. Nyatsuro and we will continue our peaceful protests until justice is served,” said Benton.

Dr. Nyatsuro was not available to comment on the issue.