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Suspected Zanu PF Activists Threaten to Kill MDC-T Supporters

Zanu PF activists are allegedly threatening to kill MDC-T supporters who attended Morgan Tsvangirai's recent rally in Masvingo.

The Zanu PF leadership in Gutu, Masvingo province, has threatened to punish supporters of the Movement for Democratic Change formation led by Morgan Tsvangirai, who recently attended a rally addressed by the party leader.

These threats were made at a meeting called by the Zanu PF leadership in Gutu South and Chief Makore who were irked by local people that attended Tsvangirai’s rally where he urged his supporters to resist food politicization.

Addressing spooked villagers at Chaitemura in Ward 27, several Zanu PF officials threatened to kill some of the villagers who attended the Tsvangirai meeting saying it was illegal in the area to attend opposition events.

Zanu PF district war collaborators chairman, Joseph Musasiwa, who is popularly known as Cde Fodho threatened to punish the villagers with death and had a list of names of villagers that attended the Tsvangirai rally.

“I don’t want to waste your time. There are people who attended that rally without being allowed to do so by their village heads. I heard those who went to that man’s rally and I want to tell you that I will go their doors and paint them with blood and if you see that blood it’s the end of you. Don’t cry foul and accuse others of selling you out. You went to the rally in broad daylight and you were seen.”

Fodho threatened to take immediate action against the villagers. “It’s time for you to repent or you will see hell …”

Zanu PF youth chairman of the same district, Rabson Manzunzu, also threatened to shoot some of the villagers who attended Tsvangirarai’s rally.

“Government does not buy bullets so that we shoot trees. I will shoot people not trees. There is this lady chief from Makovere, she is the village head’s wife I caught her inciting people to go home and leave this meeting. I will start with her. I will shoot her. All village heads who attend opposition meetings will be relieved of their duties and replaced by loyal party youths.”

Chief Makore, whose real name is Jestias Muzenda, openly declared that he was a member of the ruling Zanu PF party and banned opposition party meetings and rallies in his area.

“I called you to this meeting, I heard people saying this meeting is Zanu PF but was called by chief. How can this not be a Zanu PF meeting when all traditional leaders belong to the ruling party. We are all Zanu PF and even my village heads.”

The chief further threatened to forcibly remove councilors, including Ward 27 representative Jefter Tangamhare, accused of inviting Tsvangirai to Gutu South.

He also accused Tangamhare of convening the rally against a one-month public holiday in his area declared to mourn the chief’s late father, who died last month.

But Tangemhare scoffed at the threats saying the chief does not have power to fire him.

“If the chief has any power to fire me when I was voted by the people he can do so but what I know he doesn’t have the power, only those who voted me can do so.”

Some villagers say violence is resurfacing in the province ahead of the 2018 general elections.

Report on Zanu PF Threats Filed By Gandri Maramba
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