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Zanu PF Urges Supporters to Stop Victory Celebrations Following Tense Regional Elections

FILE: Supporters of Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa celebrate in Harare, Friday, August, 24, 2018. Zimbabwe's constitutional court on Friday unanimously upheld Mnangagwa's narrow victory in last month's historic election after the opposition alleged vote-rigging.

Zanu PF commissar, Mike Bimha, says there are no winners or losers yet in just-ended provincial elections in which some candidates are claiming widespread electoral fraud.

In a statement, Bimha said, “As such all members of the party and contestants in the just ended elections must stop all activities aimed at celebrating victory or expression of disgruntlements.”

Bimha said the party’s Politburo dissolved all the “outgoing ten provincial executives and nothing has changed so far, except that we had successful provincial elections to choose new executives.”

Bimha noted that “for the record, as the national political commissar, I did not declare any winners in the Youth, Women and Main Wings because that is outside of my scope of responsibility of the collective of the leadership.”

He said all Zanu PF members are advised to abide by “this directive until further notice. No deviations from the directive will be tolerated.”

Bimha said the Zanu PF regional polls were designed to re-energize the party and not to divide it.

Some candidates are contesting the results of the provincial elections claiming that the elections were rigged.

The ruling party has been hit by worsening factionalism with unconfirmed reports of a fallout between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Vice President Constantino Chiwenga.

But the two have in the past noted that they are working well.

Chiwenga said last week that Mnangagwa is the sole presidential candidate and won’t tolerate the denigration of the president’s image by anyone in the country.

He was responding to remarks made by a traditional leader, who warned that the Mnangagwa presidency has been tainted with corruption and other vices.

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