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MDC-T Files Presidential Poll Petition in Electoral Court

The first set of two presidential election petitions were filed by the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) formation led by Mr. Morgan Tsvangairi in the Electoral Court in Harare late Thursday afternoon.

In a Facebook message, the party’s Harare spokesman, Obert Gutu, said the MDC-T has the energy, zeal and competence to pursue the matter in the courts.

“We will pursue every lawful, legitimate and constitutional channel to ensure that the people of Zimbabwe reclaim their stolen victory. We are full of positive energy,” said Gutu.

President Robert Mugabe won the presidential election and his party trounced the MDC-T and other parties in the parliamentary and local government elections held last week Wednesday.

Mr. Tsvangirai has dismissed the polls as a big farce while observers from the African Union and Southern African Development have described the general election as free but riddled with some anomalies including the turning away of thousands of people from polling stations.

Some western nations say the elections were flawed as the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission also used a voters roll which was only unveiled on the day of the polls.

At the same time, the MDC-T says it condemns the continued round the clock heavy deployment and surveillance of Harvest House, the party’s headquarters, by armed police officers as it is a clear sign of provocation intended to intimidate, instill fear and subdue any dissention.

“The MDC views this is as a wanton act of aggression by Zanu PF aimed at covering up the massive electoral fraud by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission orchestrated at the behest and connivance of Zanu PF,” the party said in a statement.

It said as a party, the MDC-T finds it strange that the police and Zanu PF are using such intimidatory tactics when Zanu PF is claiming that it won last week’s elections. “We wonder why the victor should be afraid of the people and the actions by the police vindicate the MDC’s position that Zanu PF using ZEC stole the people’s victory.

The party said the heavy deployment of police at Harvest House clearly shows that Zanu PF is hiding something.

“The heavy police presence at Harvest House is also affecting the day to day business of innocent Zimbabweans who want to move on with their lives after their votes were stolen by the Zanu PF dictatorship. We call upon Zanu PF to unconditionally stop the brutal and savage attack on the MDC.

“Such bully tactics are totally unacceptable and will not deter the MDC from pursuing the democratic agenda of bringing a better life to all Zimbabweans.”
Zanu PF spokesman Rugare Gumbo was not reachable for comment.