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NGO Launches Revolving Youth Fund

A local non-governmental organization on Wednesday launched a revolving fund targeting the youth in Harare and Chitungwiza as part of efforts to economically empower the underprivileged young generation.

The Youth Agenda Trust on Wednesday launched a revolving fund to assist underprivileged youth in Harare’s Epworth and Chitungwiza’s Zengeza suburbs who were failing to finance their self-help projects.

The organization’s programs coordinator, Fortune Nyamande, said helping the youth to help themselves plays an integral part in uplifting the country’s economy.

Guest of honor at the handover ceremony, Zimbabwe Youth Council deputy director, Tawanda Njerere called on organizations working in youth programs to spread their wings to the remote parts of the country saying Zimbabwe was awash with youths who are failing to play their part in the country’s economic development due their lack of resources.

Njerere said several youths in the country are failing to access funding for their self-help projects from financial institutions because they cannot provide collateral.

The revolving youth fund launched today by the Youth Agenda Trust in partnership with Action Aid saw 40 youths benefitting.

One of the beneficiaries, Tariro Hapazari, said the unavailability of electricity in several Epworth households presented an opportunity for her and her colleagues to earn their keep through candle-making. She said the project was being affected by the lack of material to produce the candles until Youth Agenda Trust’s intervention Wednesday.

Those who benefitted today went away with materials to start their welding, retailing and poultry projects that they had been failing to finance despite being qualified in the respective fields.