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Zimbabwe Commemorates World Environment Day

Zimbabwe on Wednesday joined the rest of the world in marking World Environment Day with activities in Africa Unity Square and presentations at a local hotel.

Held under the theme “Think, Eat and Save”, the Ministry of Environment led the campaign to promote anti-food wastage and unnecessary food loss.

The campaign encourages Zimbabweans to reduce amount of food waste while also focusing on environmental issues affecting the country.

Principal Environmental Officer Veronica Gundu told VOA commemorations targeted environmental issues affecting the country.

She said participants were drawn from various sectors including the energy, water, food, manufacturing and processing sectors. There were over 50 exhibitors displaying different materials from food made from local products, information on genetically modified foods and organizations presented articles on recyclable materials.

Gundu said the day promoted and encouraged food waste generators to reduce the amount of food being wasted.

Speaking on the environmental challenges facing, Environment and Natural Resources Minister, Francis Nhema, said the country needs to have more awareness campaigns focusing on people who engage in small-scale work such as mining and agriculture.

Mr. Nhema said many companies have difficulties in rehabilitating areas where they would have worked.