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Women's Group Wants Police Involved in 'Brutalizing' Protesters to Resign

Maureen Kademaunga

A Zimbabwean organization taking care of women’s needs says police, who brutalized four female political activists recently, must be removed from the police force.

Maureen Kademaunga, national spokesperson of WomenforWomen, said one of the policemen linked to the brutal attacks has been identified as Assistant Inspector Noel Magwenzi, who was not immediately available for comment.

“Assistant Inspector Magwenzi must pay for the brutal assault of four female activists. The four women, Beatrice Rutsvara, Virginia Chimbeku, Esther Mutsigiri and Gladys Musindo who were brutally assaulted by police were recently discharged from hospital and are now in the safety of their homes.

“However, we are shocked that Assistant Inspector Noel Magwenzi of Glen View Police Station who is on record for admitting that he gave the instruction for the four women to be brutalized is still reporting for duty as an officer of law. Assistant Inspector Mangwenzi is a criminal who must not be trusted one day longer to carry out duties as an officer of law.”

She said in a statement that the newly-formed organization will be visiting police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba's office, to demand the immediate sacking of Magwenzi.

The women were assaulted together with other political activists who staged a nationwide protest against lack of electoral reforms under the banner of the National Electoral Reform Agenda, comprising several opposition political parties.