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Western Union, Moneygram Agents Run Out of Cash in Zimbabwe

FILE - Western Union and Moneygram outlets in Zimbabwe have run out of cash.

Some Zimbabweans say they are failing to access money at Western Union and Moneygram outlets.

They say the outlets are turning away large numbers of people saying they have run out of cash.

Gwanda resident, Bekezela Maduma, who went to an outlet in the Matabeleland South provincial capital, Gwanda, told VOA Studio 7 “most of the banks that disburse cash to Moneygram clients have no money.”

“I failed to get $200 from Moneygram. I was told to wait for three hours … and could not get the cash …”

Another Gwanda resident, Clinton Dube, faced the same situation when he went to get cash at one of the Western Union outlets.

He went home empty-handed as he was told that the Post Office Savings Bank had no money.

Three other clients also said they failed to get cash from some Moneygram and Western Union outlets due to lack of money.

There was no official comment from agents of both companies.

More details to follow ….