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Zimbabwe War Veterans Terrorizing Matabeleland Villagers - MDC Activists

Lwazi Sibanda, chairman for Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's MDC in Tsholotsho North, said members of the Mbiriya Ward executive have sought refuge at her home after being ordered out of the district

Villagers in Tsholotsho District of Matabeleland North province said Thursday they have fled their homes because armed war veterans headed by Jabulani Sibanda are making threats to kill supporters of the Movement for Democratic Change.

Lwazi Sibanda, Tsholotsho North constituency chairman for the MDC formation led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, said Mbiriya Ward executive members sought refuge at her home in Tsholotsho center after Sibanda ordered them out of the district.

Lwazi Sibanda said Jabulani Sibanda, chairman of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association, ordered MDC to destroy their party cards and regalia.

She said scores of MDC supporters are fleeing their homes fearing that they will be victimized by the war veteran firebrand, who was said to be accompanied by two unidentified and armed members of the Central Intelligence Organization.

Lwazi Sibanda said the situation is currently tense in Tsholotsho North District. "Villagers are fleeing their homes in large numbers," she said.

Jabulani Sibanda denied the allegations, saying he is in the district to repair boreholes and distribute maize seed. "It is not true that I am intimidating villagers because my mission is to cater for the needs of our people," said Sibanda, locally born.

Sibanda reportedly caused political havoc for months in Masvingo province on the other side of Zimbabwe before moving back to Tsholotsho in recent weeks.