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Displaced Zimbabwe Villagers Taking Police to Court

Zimbabwean police on patrol at the Chingwizi transit camp for over 20,000 people displaced as a result of the flooded Tokwe-Mukorsi Dam. (File Photo: Human Rights Watch)

Reports say police are harassing displaced Chingwizi villagers, who were recently allocated plots at Nuanetsi Ranch, after they were stranded at a temporary shelter in Masvingo province due to lack of funds.

Attorney Kennedy Masiye of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights says the situation may get out of hand if it is not stopped as the villagers feel that the police are overstepping their authority.

Some of the villagers claim that the police are terrorizing them at their new home.

Police in Masvingo province declined to discuss this issue.

Masiye told Studio 7 he has been instructed by some of the complainants to take the matter to court.

Provincial government officials declined to comment. Over 20,000 villagers were displaced by floods early this year and were moved to Chingwizi camp before they were forcibly moved to Naunetsi Ranch.