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Zimbabwe Urged to Address Striking Doctors' Grievances

The Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR) says the Ministry of Health and Child Care and the Health Services Board should urgently address striking doctors’ grievances.

In a statement, the ZADHR said, “In so doing we wish to reiterate and lament the undesirable exposure of patients and indeed all Zimbabweans to violations of their right to healthcare. We note that while the bickering and gerrymandering continues patients continue to suffer.

“It is therefore important for the responsible institutions to address the concerns of the doctors to avoid needless loss of lives in Zimbabwe’s hospitals.”

ZADHR said medical professionals are an important cog in the resuscitation and development of the health sector.

“We believe prioritizing their conditions of service will motivate the doctors to contribute towards better health outcomes for the nation. We therefore, as ZADHR, stand in solidarity with the striking doctors as they not only work to enhance their well-being but to enhance quality of healthcare to all Zimbabweans.

“Health professionals are pivotal in the advancement of the right to healthcare as enshrined in the constitution of Zimbabwe.”

As a result, ZADHR said the Ministry of Health and Child Care should urgently improve the conditions of work for health professionals instead of issuing threats of ostracization and victimization and to ensure that essential drugs and medicines are provided in all public health institutions.

Zimbabwean doctors, who went on strike Wednesday, want the government to address post internship employment and on-call allowances and several other issues.

Some hospital departments have been shut down as a result of the strike.

They went on a similar strike last year.

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