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African Leaders Pushing for UN Security Council Reforms

  • Blessing  Zulu

Some world leaders have over the years demanded the transformation of the United Nations Security Council, currently being dominated by China, United States, France, Britain and Russia.

President Robert Mugabe is among leaders, who have called for such reforms, noting that only few nations are dominating the United Nations at the expense of developing nations.

In an interview, former United Nations General Assembly president, Sam Kutesa, told VOA Studio 7 President Robert Mugabe is not the only one who is advocating for the transformation of the council.

“It’s actually not President Mugabe alone, it’s presidents all over the world since 2005. They have demanded for immediate reform of the Security Council,” said Kutesa.

Kutesa said over the years different groupings have stated their positions but there have never been any negotiations.

“What we have done this year and I think it’s a small step forward and important step is to have a text on which negotiations will be based. So, for Africa it will be out of these negotiations … whether it will be one seat or two seats, it will come from these negotiations,” he said.

On term limits, Kutesa said, “As a lawyer, I know that there are rights that are universal and fundamental but in different countries there are different provisions in the constitutions of different countries, whether it is UK, whether it is UK, whether it is Zimbabwe, whether it is Uganda …

“And in my country for example we find that at this stage we don’t need time limits and I have supported that view. I don’t know when Britain will come to term limits, they don’t have them as you know but I don’t it’s a universal and fundamental right that must be in every constitution.”

On the refugee crisis, Kutesa said the world is facing a challenge which it needs to tackle before getting out of hand.