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Tsvangirai Says MDC-T Won’t Use Force to Get Rid of Ruling Elite

Tsvangirai said those who condemn the MDC-T seem to want to provoke them into revolting against President Mugabe's government.

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai says despite the country’s worsening economic and political crisis, his party will not give in to pressure to take power through unconstitutional means.

In a wide-ranging discussion with journalists at the Bulawayo Press Club on Wednesday, Tsvangirai said criticism that the opposition has failed to help bring the country out of the current crisis is misplaced, adding it remains the responsibility of the ruling Zanu PF government to find solutions to the country's problems.

Tsvangirai said those who condemn the MDC-T seem to want to provoke them into revolting against President Mugabe's government.

He reiterated that his party does not believe in violence but added that it is up to Zimbabweans to take themselves out of the problems that they are facing.

Asked for his forecast of the country’s situation until the next elections scheduled for 2018, the former prime minister admitted the ongoing problems are so critical that anything could happen enroute to the polls but he ruled out the possibility of going into another government of national unity saying such a coalition would provide a life-line to the ruling Zanu PF, a party he described as imploding.

The MDC-T leader also revealed that he is going to send a delegation to the new SADC chair and Botswana leader Seretse Khama Ian Khama imploring him to put Zimbabwe back on the regional body’s agenda and help resolve the nation’s worsening crisis.

Tsvangirai slammed President Robert Mugabe’s Tuesday State of the Nation Address describing it as lacklustre, adding that Mr. Mugabe had missed a chance to respond to the country’s worsening problems by offering quick and effective solutions.

The MDC-T leader later launched his party’s Policy Dialogue Forum, an initiative the MDC-T unveiled in Harare last week.

He said he believes his party shall govern Zimbabwe one day, adding it wants to involve all stakeholders in coming up with policies on how best to take the country out of the current mess and avoid making similar mistakes to those that he said are being made by the ruling Zanu PF party.

Tobias Guzura, a conflict resolution, peace and development studies lecturer with the Zimbabwe Open University, speaking as an independent analyst said the MDC-T has to be commended for not taking advantage of the situation in the country to try and wrest power from the Zanu PF.