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Tsvangirai: Don’t Push me Out of Power

Zimbabwe opposition party Movement For Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai.
Morgan Tsvangirai says he will not be pushed out of power through undemocratic means by a group of reformists led by expelled secretary general, Tendai Biti.

In an indepth interview, Tsvangirai tells Studio 7 he is prepared to leave provided this is done through democratic processes of the MDC-T.

“I know when I am going to leave but I am not going to leave because people want to push you out. I am not going to leave because people want to have a hostile takeover without democratic considerations of the congress.”

Tvsangirai further says his party may boycott the 2018 general elections if the Zanu-PF government fails to implement electoral reforms to level the playing field.

He says Zimbabwe’s elections will continue to be disputed in the absence of major electoral reforms.

The former trade unionist is disputing the outcome of last year’s elections that were overwhelmingly won by Zanu-PF and President Robert Mugabe alleging that they were rigged.

But an MDC faction led by Tendai Biti says the party lost elections because of Tsvangirai’s poor leadership qualities.

But before Tsvangirai looks ahead to the next elections, he first has to focus on internal fissures in his party, in particular the elective congress that has been moved from 2016 to October because of divisions.

For his part, Biti addressed his supporters in Mutare and attacked his former boss as an undemocratic leader.

Tune in Thursday when we will give you the last part of an exclusive interview with Tsvangirai, this time focusing on the economy and the way forward for Zimbabwe.