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Mandela Washington Fellow: Tinodiwa Zambe Makoni

  • Tatenda Gumbo

Tinodiwa Zambe Makoni

The Youth Forum interviews Tinodiwa Zambe Makoni, 2015 Mandela Washington Fellow from Zimbabwe who is the co-founder of Comexposed, the Zimbabwe Comic-book and Digital Arts Convention and Makanimation Creative Studio. Makoni who, with his partners established Comexposed, a platform to showcase the work of African comics and digital artists, wants to establish a staple of African super heroes to be known around the world.

Comexposed is working to share content, find talent, create job opportunities and much more for seasoned professionals and students alike. Under his Makanimaiton banner, Makoni provides graphics and animation to various clients. During his time in the U.S., he will be in Atlanta at Clark Atlanta University.