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Zimbabwe Telecommunications Firm TelOne Writes Off Debts

Some Zimbabweans say a move by the state-controlled TelOne to write-off debts amounting to $80 million is insignificant as a lot of people no longer use fixed telephone lines.

Telecommunications expert, Limbikani Makani, of Tech Zimbabwe said this move by TelOne is just is a drop in the ocean for some people who owe thousands of dollars and have had their service switched off.

"The $257.82 amount to be scrapped from each subscriber's bill starting this month, is a drop in the ocean for some subscribers with huge bills but will be helpful for those with smaller amounts to settle.

"The huge bills accrued when the country migrated from local currency to the United States dollar resulting in some subscribers having huge bills which they were not able to settle," says Makani.

Makani also said the move may help TelOne to lure back customers who had defaulted due to huge bills but is unlikely to attract new customers.

"TelOne can resuscitate its customer base from its existing subscribers who have now been given a lifeline after defaulting for several months due to the huge bills," said Makani.

Makani noted that TelOne can take advantage of its good internet connectivity which is superior and affordable compared to other packages offered locally.
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