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Zimbabwe Civil Servants Expected to Get Annual Bonuses Amid Grumblings Among Workers' Unions

Civil servants in Zimbabwe are expected to get annual bonuses this year in foreign currency, according to some top state officials.

In a tweet, Information Secretary Nick Mangwana said, “This year Civil Servants will be paid their bonuses in Forex up to a maximum of US$700. Civil Service pensioners will receive their bonus payments of US$100 plus a bonus payment of US$80 for spouses after President @edmnangagwa decided a once off cushion.”

At the same time, Public Service Minister Paul Mavhima told the state-controlled Chronicle newspaper that the bonuses would be paid this month.

Mavhima is quoted by the newspaper as saying the bonuses would be paid despite the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said, “… Their 13th cheque is coming. Government will pay bonuses starting this month so is no need to panic.”

But Raymond Majongwe of the Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe says the government has decided to pay the bonuses without consulting workers.

Majongwe said, “No dialogue on the matrix and timeframes … How all this ‘once off cushion’ will be handled on retirement in terms of pension calculations remains a mystery. This benevolence disadvantages the workers in the long term. lts clear there is no dialogue with anyone as this ‘offer’ comes out of a Party Congress and not a Collective Bargaining process. Besides every government official opening his mouth has his own version of what will be paid.”