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SW Radio Africa Ends Zimbabwe Broadcasts

FILE - Zimbabweans listen to a radio for an announcement of election results in Umguza, April, 2008. (File Photo)

The London-based independent Short Wave Radio Africa on Friday ended its broadcasts to Zimbabwe after 13 years of service.

The station was quick to add though that it will continue to broadcasts on its website, via ChannelZim on TV decoders, and by what it calls various other forms of new media.

SW Radio Africa is run by Zimbabweans who, because of repressive media legislation, were not allowed to broadcast from home.

In 2000, the station, then called Capital Radio, challenged government’s broadcasting monopoly and won its case in the Supreme Court.

But after just 6 days of broadcasting from a local hotel, the station was shut down by President Robert Mugabe using his presidential powers.

SW Radio founder and head, Gerry Jackson said funding has forced them to end shortwave broadcasts.