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FIFA Pushes ZIFA to Trim 13 Member Board

The international football controlling body, FIFA, has ordered the cash-strapped ZIFA to trim its board to make it more efficient.

The ZIFA board is made up of 13 members and the international football controlling body feels such a huge board cannot operate efficiently and have ordered ZIFA to trim the board to required levels.

James Johnson, FIFA point person responsible for national associations, is already in Harare helping ZIFA come up with a new a constitution that conforms with FIFA requirement.

ZIFA president Cuthbert Dube agreed that his board is too big, adding there can never be an agreement in important matters with such a bloated board.

The latest developments have divided the Zimbabwean football family on which positions have to go and those that must be remain.

Sources have revealed that the positions of board member finance, board member development, and board member competitions, have all been deemed unnecessary as they fall under the secretariat which is headed by chief executive officer Jonathan Mashingaidze.

The position of ZIFA second vice president IS also expected to be chopped while the chairmen of the four regions will no longer be allowed to sit in the board.

This will leave the president, his deputy, the chairman of the Premier Soccer League, the chairperson of the Zimbabwe Women's Soccer League, and the chief executive officer to constitute the new leaner ZIFA board.

The changes, however, will only be effected on March 28 next year when the current board's term of office expires.