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Do Prosperity Gospel Preachers Heal Diseases?

There are many prosperity gospel preachers in Zimbabwe who claim that they have taken care of diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure while making the crippled to walk.

Some Zimbabweans suffering from various diseases claim that they were healed by prosperity gospel preachers after failing to get proper medical attention at conventional hospitals.

They claim that preachers like Emmanuel Makandiwa and several others, are saving a lot of people from death though this is being disputed by some citizens, who think that they are instead milking the public of millions of dollars through “fake” healing sessions.

VOA Studio 7 spoke to one of the recipients of these spiritual healings, Elijah Ncube of Fort Rixon in Matabeleland South province, who claims that he was close to death when Apostle Median Dube of Bulawayo prayed for him.

Ncube’s daughter Sikhathele Ncube, who spoke on behalf of her father by translating what her father said in IsiNdebele language, said he resorted to spiritual healing after failing to get the necessary help from doctors in Zimbabwe’s second largest city, Bulawayo.

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Apostle Dube of the Foundation of Life Ministries said he derives his healing powers from God.

He further referred Studio 7 to several other ‘patients’ who noted that Apostle Dube saved their lives.

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