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African Financial Experts in USA for Update on Economic Trends

Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa Monday called for more regional co-operation between member countries of the Macroeconomic Financial Management Institute (MEFMI) of Eastern and Southern Africa.

Mr Chinamasa was speaking at the official opening of the combined forum for ministers of finance and central bank governors from 13 Southern and Eastern countries that make up MEFMI.

The meeting, running under the theme “Stimulating opportunities for growth and development in Eastern and Southern Africa” also coinicided with the organisation’s 20 year anniversary. The forum is running on the sidelines of the annual World Bank/IMF meetings in Washington this week.

During the forum MEFMI showcased leading African policymakers and key senior partners who are doing business and implementing monetary and fiscal policies across Africa.

The meeting also gave an opportunity to leading African and International experts to discuss some issues that have been challenging some of the continent's financial institutions.

Some of the issues under discussion include: factors influencing investment opportunities across the continent, ease of doing business, cross-border infrastructure development, fostering institutional investment, managing foreign direct investment, sovereign international bond issuance, monetary policies, long-term fiscal outlook and stimulating opportunities for growth and development.

Addressing delegates at the meeting, the Executive Director of MEFMI, Dr. Caleb Fundanga said his organisation is happy with its relationship with the private sector and the Zimbabwe government.

Fundanga says his organisation works alongside Investec, an Asset Management Company and others.

Meanwhile, Reserve Bank Governor, John Mangudya said organisations like MEFMI are important in keeping the financial sectors of Africa updated on financial trends and related issues.

MEFMI will host the 20th Anniversary Dinner celebration in Washington on Monday evening.