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Zimbabweans: Our Challenges Not Created by South Africa

Once renowned as the bread basket of the entire Southern African region, Zimbabwe has over the past years seen the worst resulting in millions abandoning their country in search of better opportunities elsewhere.

Political and economic scientists have said the solution to the suffering of thousands of Zimbabweans living in South Africa lies with the Zimbabwean authorities and citizens not South Africa.

They have argued that Zimbabwe must put in place policies that will attract its citizens back home, leaving South Africa to nurse its own problems.

Statistics show that Zimbabweans in South Africa have not only faced mere ill-treatment but many have lost their lives as well.

Of the 66 people who died during the violent xenophobic attacks in 2008, the majority are believed have been Zimbabweans although South Africans were killed as well.

Between April and July 2009, 43 people died at Lindela Repatriation Centre and 28 of those were Zimbabweans.

A soldier appeared in court in the Limpopo Province in 2009 for gunning down a Zimbabwean border jumper after he failed to pay him a bribe.

A recent survey by Afrobarometer and the Institute for Democracy in Southern Africa indicates that 67 percent of South Africans do not trust foreigners and 32 percent do not want to see them in their neighborhood.

Our correspondent Benedict Nhlapho reveals some of the challenges faced by Zimbabweans living in that country in this last installment of a five part series.
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