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Zimbabwe Says Soccer, Other High Risk Sport Hit by COVID-19 to Resume After Year in Wilderness

The Zimbabwean government says high risk sports, including soccer, can resume this Thursday after more than a year on the wayside due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sports and Recreation Commission chairman, Gerald Mlotshwa, said the resumption of the high risks games would depend on the sport’s ability to prove its financial muscle and ability to abide by COVID-19 guidelines.

Apart from football, the other returning sports are boxing, netball, basketball, judo and weightlifting. They have until Thursday to prove that they have funds to kickstart their operations and follow coronavirus regulations.

Mlotshwa said, “We have sent out a communication to the (National Sports Associations)

NSAs with protocols for the resumption of sport, what we have basically said is this is what we want can you agree and are you in a financial state to resume.

“We have given them up until Thursday to respond and if they agree then they can resume, it’s been a long road but we are here the changing situation on the ground has also helped.”