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Zimbabwe's Constitution Committee Meets Over New Zanu PF Demands

Zimbabwe's parliamentary committee writing the country's new constitution met in Harare Monday in a heated meeting to discuss outstanding issues stalling the constitution-writing process and prepare a report for the management committee, hoping negotiators from the three governing parties can help unlock the gridlock.

Among the issues tabled for discussion was Zanu PF’s attempt to, according to the two MDC formations, hijack the process by coming up with a position paper that is demanding wholesome changes to the draft.

Among the changes Zanu PF was clamoring for is giving more executive powers to the president, allow him or her to send soldiers to war without parliamentary approval, the removal of a law that has to do with political violence, and the National Prosecution Authority.

The party was said to be also demanding that the army be allowed to have an active role in the country’s politics and rejecting devolution of power.

Deputy secretary for Constitution and Parliamentary Affairs Jessie Majome of the Tsvangirai MDC told VOA reporter Jonga Kandemiiri that the other parties in the inclusive government were totally opposed to Zanu PF’s demands.