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Zimbabwe Students Go Back to School With Little Groceries

Some pupils will be sent home for not paying school fees as schools open for the first term Tuesday. (File Photo)
Thousands of students started going back to boarding school Monday with parents making last minute purchases of uniforms and groceries.

Some parents, who spoke to Studio 7, said they bought a few groceries for their children due to lack of disposable income and made arrangements with school headmasters for them to pay fees in monthly installments.

They noted that the majority of parents were not buying new uniforms as they opted for second-hand ones from pupils who graduated from primary and secondary schools in 2013. Some even settled for sewing uniforms for their children because of lack of money.

One of the parents, Itai Dube of Nyika Growth Point in Masvingo province, said some headmasters are expected to send home pupils who have not paid fees of up to $650.

Winos Dube, chairman of the Bulawayo United Residents’ Association agreed, noting that schools should allow students to attend classes without paying the required fees.