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Zimbabwe Youths Stage Protests Outside U.S Embassy

Youths affiliated to the Patriotic Forum for Zimbabwe Children of National Liberation War Veterans were demonstrating for the second-day running against sanctions. (Phot0/Irwin Chifera)
About 40 members of the Patriotic Forum for Zimbabwe Children of National Liberation War Veterans demonstrated outside the United States Embassy in Harare on Friday for the second-day running against sanctions imposed on Harare by the U.S and its allies.

The youths, who were escorted by traffic police, marched from Town House in the city centre to the U.S Embassy where they danced and chanted against the so-called targeted measures, threatening to stay put until the U.S removed the sanctions.

The organization’s deputy chairperson, Roughrider Kamoto Junior, who travelled all the way from Chiredzi, said the demonstrations will continue until the sanctions are removed.

Secretary-general, Knowledge Kadzura, told VOA Studio 7 the demonstration was part of the group’s lobby efforts to force the U.S and western countries remove sanctions.

The organization said they were not satisfied by the response they got from U.S Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr. Bruce Wharton, who told them that the U.S was providing Zimbabwe with humanitarian support which this year alone has surpassed $135 million.

But Kadzura said Zimbabwe had lost billions of dollars because of the sanctions.
At the same time, Douglas Mwonzora, spokesperson spokesman for the Movement for Democratic Change, says the party’s national leadership is not aware of its Mashonaland East provincial executive’s recommendations to suspended former Marondera lawmaker, Ian Kay, for suggesting that party leader Morgan Tsvangirai must be replaced.

Mwonzora told Studio 7 he had talked to Kay over his statement that Mr. Tsvangirai be replaced following the party’s July 2013 electoral loss to Zanu-PF and reprimanded him for talking to the press without clearance.

He said the issue has even been resolved by Mr. Tsvangirai himself, adding there is no way the provincial executive can claim to deal with a matter that has already been settled by the president of the party.

Mashonaland East provincial spokesperson, Graham Nyahada, told Studio 7 this week the province had written to the Standing Committee asking it to endorse its decision to suspend Kay for five years.

But Monzwora said he had not seen the letter, adding it was unfortunate and improper that the national leadership heard about Kay’s purported suspension through the press.

Mwonzora said under normal circumstances any information regarding the party should be released through formal party channels.