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Zanu PF Youth Leader Declares Mugabe Zimbabwe Life President

Some of the people who attended President Robert Mugabe's so-called provincial meeting in Marondera on Friday.

A Zanu PF provincial youth leader has reiterated that President Robert Mugabe is the life president of Zimbabwe.

Mashonaland East provincial Youth League chairperson, Kelvin Mutsvairo, made the remarks when he welcomed Mr. Mugabe at an event organized by members of the League in his first 2018 presidential election campaign rally.

According to The Herald newspaper, Mutsvairo said, “We are happy to see you. We are also happy to host the first meeting (rally) because we then set the motion for other provinces. As the Youth League we stand by you in the forthcoming elections. We declare you our life president.”

The Youth League, which appears to be Mr. Mugabe’s election campaign tool for the forthcoming presidential election, has in the past noted that they want the president to be Zimbabwe’s life president.

In response to these remarks, President Mugabe said some Zimbabweans have been thinking that he is now finished politically as he is now over 93 years old.

He noted that the ‘Million Man March’ organized by Zanu PF youth to show their solidarity to the president, shocked some people in his own party and others.

“Some of the people who thought I am finished were left wondering … The March left me proudly walking with hands in my pockets. They had thought since I am in the 90s and I am now old to have people’s support. They were lost. They got the shock of their lives.”

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